life is like a treasure hunt

“I love this metaphor because life isn’t linear. Fragments of past experiences in our subconscious blend with present and future desires. Our quest can weave and wander, but when tuned to clear intention, a creative mind and a little bit of magic, we can find our way and achieve our purpose to make our dreams matter.

The purpose at the center of working with me is a deep sense of knowing that dreams are made to matter as a magic connection to being in our element:

I believe our dreams -big or small -are connected, to our individual or collective soul’s calling to birth ideas and ways that serve a higher purpose.

This way we can follow our bliss, enjoy the journey and take in the landscape of constant change in various aspects of life.

We each have unique gifts and talents that light us up when we come into play and co-creation.Creative Life Coaching and Soul Art Journeys is how I enjoy connecting the dots and being of service to others.”

Creative Life Coaching with Anita is joyful, surprising and transformative. Her training as a Soul Art Guide and over ten years exploring Conscious Evolution in international circles brings a wealth of expertise to your journey. She believes passionately in empowering people to follow their heart, discover their truth, their gifts and their talents.


A creative soul at heart, Anita’s career has spanned advertising, fund-raising, film production and stills photography. Creative Life Coaching marries together her practical experience in the business world and her creative sensitivity. Her imagination, listening deeply, being profoundly present and expert intuition has come about from a deep sense of Following Your Bliss.

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